Petri Salmela
Petri Salmela


Petri Salmela

Here are some of my interests. My cv in English and same cv in Finnish

Free and open source software and related things:

I have some kind of connections to following communities of free/open source software or culture.
Viikon VALO
I run a web site that introduces one free/open source program, web site with free content or other related things every week. "Weekly FLOSS"
I am member of free and open source software user group, Turuxi, in Turku.
Linux Aktivaattori ry
I am a member of board in Finnish association for free and open source software and content, Linux Aktivaattori ry.
Open Clip Art Library
Sometimes I draw some public domain clipart for this site. Open Clip Art Library is a great source for free clipart.


I have studied mathematics and computer science and got my Ph.D. in spring 2009.

Web and graphics:

Some pictures I have drawn mainly with Inkscape.